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Learn How to Make a Decorative Painting in Minutes, for Cheap

In this tutorial video by ArtStart, we will show you Hhw to make a decorative painting in minutes, for a few dollars. All you need is a blank canvas, some protection for your floor (try and use a plastic tarp, as the paint might leak through thinner materials, like newspapers), and good old fashioned latex paint. Yes, that’s right! Wall paint! Just watch the short video below yo get started:

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A Personal Message from the Creator of ArtStart

I’m often asked why I started this project. Pursuing your life-long dreams can be scary and often require a leap of faith, a calculated jump into a (hopefully) well-explored abyss. In some way, this is how ArtStart came to be. So why did I create this website? The truth of the matter is simple. As a professional web designer and developer who has a strong enthusiasm for all things creative, especially visual arts, I found(…)

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