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  • Featured Artist listings start at only $1.99(CAD) for 30 days, but the price for the top listing goes up by $1.00(CAD) every time the current number one position holder is outbid. You can choose to pay any amount over $1.99(CAD) and your listing will appear in the appropriate position based on current bids. If two artists pay the same amount, the most recent bidder will appear on top.
  • Urgent Tags – Choose to advertise any piece as “Urgent” for $0.99(CAD). This will make interested parties aware that you are willing to negotiate to sell this particular piece quickly.

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  • Featured Rectangle Ad – We offer a premium placement ad unit that will be placed in the right corner of the top column on all “Browse Art” pages.
  • Sidebar Rectangle Ad – We offer ad units that will be placed in the right sidebar of most pages.
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